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Terra Property Seller’s Guide

Terra International Realty believes in offering a superlative service to all of their clients, both those who wish to sell their properties as well as those who wish to buy a property.

Terra International Realty is selective in the properties we list for sale, we believe that there is no benefit to anyone in accepting a property which is not being offered at a realistic market price or is less than top quality.

With this understanding, for the exclusive properties we do list to sell, we will guarantee to offer the most professional Real Estate Agency service and we will provide:

  • Considerable investment in marketing in order to provide consistent, impactful advertising for the properties we have for sale. In addition to promotion of our website, we advertise in international magazines and newspapers, produce a substantial catalog, regularly email our database and have achieved excellent P.R. exposure.
  • This marketing is supported by the huge resources of Terra International Realty ® who can provide exposure of your property in 90 offices around the world in addition to their extensive marketing expenditure.
  • This combination of national and international marketing offers our clients unparalleled global exposure in influential international publications and the internet that overshadows the marketing exposure and budget of any other local agents.
  • Realistic Valuations on properties from our team of multilingual Real Estate experts living in that area which will be based on current, local market conditions.
  • An honest appraisal of your property, highlighting both its advantages and any shortfalls with relevant recommendations to encourage a sale.
  • Constant feedback from prospective buyers on their comments on the property immediately following a viewing, by phone call or email.
  • The opportunity to agree on multi-agency sales or an exclusive Terra International Realty agreement which enjoys many advantages, including a reduced sales commission, ask our sales team for details.
  • So if you are considering putting your property on the market then please contact us soon.

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